Rugby Transfers for Aix for 2021/2022

This page list all rugby transfers of the Provence Rugby for next season 2021/2022, all relevant datas as new signings, arrivals, departures, extensions, loans are listed :
  • Players IN : 7
  • Players OUT : 6
  • Contract extensions : 5

Ages are calculated at the first of July 2021.

All rugby transfers for the Provence Rugby

(*) the lines in italics are unofficial informations, probable signings but not confirmed yet.

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Players IN
  1. Australia David LOLOHEA, Prop, 29 y/o, Nevers (FRA)
  2. France Alexandre FLANQUART, Lock, 31 y/o, Bordeaux (FRA)
  3. France Jérôme DUFOUR, Lock, 28 y/o, Aurillac (FRA)
  4. France Enzo SELPONI, Fly-half, 28 y/o, Grenoble (FRA)
  5. Samoa Peter BETHAM, Winger, 32 y/o, Clermont (FRA)
  6. France Kévin BLY, Winger, 25 y/o, Vannes (FRA)
  7. France Antoine BOUSQUET (*), Lock, 21 y/o, Clermont (FRA)
Players OUT
  1. France Clément DARBO, Scrum-half, 35 y/o, Biarritz (FRA)
  2. France Andrzej CHARLAT, Winger, 26 y/o, Nevers (FRA)
  3. France Thomas LACELLE, Winger, 26 y/o, Deceased
  4. France Esteban BONHOMME, Back row, 21 y/o, Aubenas (FRA)
  5. France Massimo VIATTE, Fly-half, 21 y/o, Marseille Huveaune (FRA)
Gone during season
  1. France Adrien WARION, Lock, 20 y/o, Loaned to Toulon (FRA)
Contract Extensions
  1. France Mohamed LOUKIA, Prop, 27 y/o, 2024
  2. France Antoine SOAVE, Prop, 26 y/o, 2023
  3. France Charles MALET, Back row, 30 y/o, 2023
  4. France Guillaume PIAZZOLI, Back row, 23 y/o, 2024
  5. France Florent MASSIP, Fullback, 27 y/o, 2023
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