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Manuel WORM (Manuel Moura Jerónimo Kjolner Worm) is a 20-year-old Portuguese rugby player standing at __ tall (__ ft) weighing in at __ kg , who currently plays for Rugby Belenenses in Portugal as prop.


  • Rugby Belenenses (2023 - 2024)
Occupied positions by Manuel on start team :

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  • 23/24
  • Overall

Season 2023/2024 Stats and Game Sheets

Tournament Team Opponent Place Res Date T D P C Points YC RC Min
Rugby Europe Championship - Final Portugal Georgia AWAY
17/03 16 27'
Total : 1 matches Starter : 0%
0 / 1
(Avg : 27')
Manuel WORM stats by Tournament and Teams for season 2023/2024

With the sheets below, we detail all the Manuel WORM's statistics by tournament, by team for the season 2023/2024. We can easily respond to questions like :

  • how many tries/drop/penalties marked by WORM in 2023/2024 for pays, during pays
  • how many wins/draws/losses ?
  • how many yellow or red card did Manuel get ?

Tournaments Matches Starter Tries Drops Pen. Conv. Points YC RC Min
Rugby Europe Championship 1 0%
0 / 1
(Avg : 27')
Teams Matches Starter Try Drop Pen. Conv. Points YC RC Min
logo Portugal logo Portugal Portugal 1 0%
0 / 1
(Avg : 27')

The teammates of Manuel WORM in the same position for season 2023/2024

Here is the list of Manuel WORM's teamates, playing in the same position (Prop) as him on the team of :

Tries in italic are tries without conversion, these tries are usually scored between the posts and do not require conversion to speed up the game. This rule was introduced in MLR in 2022 and these tries are worth 7 points.