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logo Stade Montois For season 2021/2022, the Mont-de-Marsan team is playing in 1 championship(1) : Pro D2.
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Last rugby transfers news about the Stade Montois

  1. Russia Andrei OSTRIKOV, 34 y/o, Lock, is arriving at Mont-de-Marsan
  2. Russia Maxim ERMAKOV, 17 y/o, Back row, leaves the club
  3. Portugal Simão BENTO, 20 y/o, Fullback, is arriving at Mont-de-Marsan
  4. New Zealand Sam SLADE, 24 y/o, Back row, is arriving at Mont-de-Marsan
  5. France Hugo ALAMARTINE, 22 y/o, Hooker, leaves the club
  6. France Thomas ROCHE, 21 y/o, Center, leaves the club
  7. ...

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